FX File Explorer


FX File Explorer does not collect any information about you or your usage of the app. It does not send any information about you to anyone. It does not contain ads. It will never install additional products on your device or change your device's configuration.

NextApp is a US Corporation (California). This product was developed in the United States.

NextApp has a traditional revenue model. We give away a free version of the app with some functionality in the hope that you'll pay a few dollars for an upgraded version that does even more. You don't have to though, both free and paid customers are covered by this policy.

Some of our competitors give all their functionality away for free. Their privacy policies are bit longer, as they use a large number of big and complicated words to distract you while they sell your privacy to generate revenue.

Google Drive Privacy Notice (required by Google)

If you use Google Drive with FX, the authentication information is stored exclusively in the app. It is never transmitted/stored elsewhere. This app will not access, use, store, or share Google user data in any way other than to perform operations specifically requested by the user. As it the case with every other aspect of FX, no analytics are collected by the app.