It does what it says on the tin. And only what it says on the tin.

Most app builders today give everything away for free, including a lot of things you probably really don't want They make their money selling you out. You are the product. Don't take our word for it, read their "Privacy" Policies.

Our commitment to privacy is an actual commitment to privacy: These apps don't track you. They don't phone home. They don't send your information anywhere, and they don't sell your information to anyone. All proprietary code is made in-house in the USA. Ask the competiton if they can make similar promises.

Our business model is simple: make good apps. Free versions have either limited functionality or static advertising. Paid versions have no advertising and full functionality. Our goal is to make the app so great that you'll want to buy it.

Our Apps

SystemPanel 2

Keep your Android in perfect running order. Total analysis of battery drain to the minute.

FX File Explorer

The file manager that lets you do real work on your Android. Manage all files, media, and cloud/network storage from one app.

Atlas Web Browser

Browse without draining your battery or your soul. A privacy-centric browser with built-in ad and tracker blocking.

More Apps

SystemPanel, version 1

Lite | Full

The original. Works best on older devices, i.e., up to Android version 4.4. For newer applications, SystemPanel 2 is a better choice.


Lite | Full

Use WebSharing to browse and manage files and media on your phone using a web browser. An improved version is now integrated into FX File Explorer (paid "FX+" version only).

Technical Keyboard


The NextApp keyboard is an extension of the stock Android open source keyboard that adds easy access to arrow keys, control keys, text selection, and other items of interest to technical users and developers.

SDFix for KitKat


SDFix is a free utility for root-enabled devices to correct Android 4.4's flawed support for MicroSD cards.